Our Classes

Farm Flow Vinyasa: Perk up for the weekend with an outdoor Vinyasa practice! This Friday evening class is a traditional Vinyasa Flow. Beginners and advanced students welcome. Modifications and props are encouraged. Once a month we’ll have a Full Moon gathering after class. Fire pit, drums and pot luck dinner. Check the calendar for details!

Family Farm Flow: This is a class for parents of crawlers and toddlers. Older children are welcome to practice with their parents. Bring the kids out to the garden. We’ll set up our mats in a circle and they can play with toys in the center or in a supervised children’s play area. This is a fun class where we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’ll do some flow and build heat plus balancing and lateral poses. But we’ll take breaks to laugh and play with our kids or change diapers or nurse our little ones. Once a month after class we’ll go across the street to the playground for Divine Play Date. Check the calendar for details!



5 responses to “Our Classes

  1. Katie

    So do classes start on the 6th with the family farm flow and then the first Friday night class is on the 11th? The calendar doesn’t match. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks Katie! Yes family classes start on the 6th and Friday classes will start on the 11th. I’ve been shifting dates around but now it’s settled! Can’t wait to see you!!
      No, no. I’m wrong sorry. Friday night classes are not starting until 4/18 because I’m doing a workshop with the Prison Yoga Project. So Sunday 4/6 family starts but then we’ll skip until after Easter to 4/27. And Friday nights will start on 4/18. 😉

  2. Katie

    This picture – breastfeeding yoga mama – ROCKS!

  3. Okay change of schedule! I’m just gonna start the Family Farm Flow classes on the 27th because it doesn’t make sense to start and then stop for 3 weeks until our next meeting. So update your calendar!! 😉

  4. Katie

    I will be out of town, but will definitely be at first Vinyasa Flow on the 2nd!

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